As you prepare to transition into a new chapter of your life, the Home Team wants to make the moving process go as quickly and smoothly as possible. In order to do this, we need your help!

Please follow these 10 Commandments:


  1. Thou shall close all boxes.

Make sure all boxes are filled, closed, and taped with packing tape. Avoid interlocking the top and bottom of boxes, as this may cause the boxes to collapse. Properly closed boxes allow for the transporting process to go smoothly and decrease the chance items will fall out or get lost. In addition, this allows your moving labor helpers to easily stack boxes into the truck.

  1. Thou shall empty all dressers.

Empty all dressers to ensure your moving guys will be able to lift and carry them. If you have drawers, leave them in and Saran Wrap or tape the drawers in order to keep them closed. This makes it easier for both you and your moving guys throughout the loading and unloading process.

  1. Thou shall disassemble all furniture.

Be sure to break down all furniture so that it easily fits through doorways and also leaves more space in the truck. This includes bed frames, the legs on couches, tv stands, and stools. Also, if you have any glass table tops that can be taken apart, remember to do so.

  1. Thou shall pad and cover all furniture.

Be sure to properly pad all edges and cover all furniture-such as glass tops, metal shelving, and wood tables. This is not only to protect the actual furniture but also to prevent your other goods from being scratched or damaged, as well.

  1. Thou shall unhook all appliances.

If you are planning to move any large appliances, the Home Team will gladly do this for you. Just be sure to disconnect the ones you plan to move prior to moving day. Make sure that the washer and dryer are disconnected from both the electrical and water hoses. Remember to empty, unplug, and defrost the refrigerator at least 24 hours prior to the move and to unhook the gas from the stove. All of this makes a clean, safe, and easy for your hired labor movers on the move date.

  1. Thou shall unplug all electronics and cords.

Be mindful to unplug your tv, lamps, and small appliances in order to avoid any cords snapping, getting caught, or anyone tripping over them. A safe environment is essential. Also, remember to disconnect all cable and internet cords.

  1. Thou shall stage rooms to be “move ready.”

For a quick and smooth moving process, be sure to have your home what we call “move ready.” This means: placing all boxes up against one wall, disassembling all furniture, and laying it out flat. DO NOT lay these pieces against the wall; we don’t want anything accidentally falling over. And most important, leave the heavy furniture where it’s at; don’t try to move it yourself. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting – that’s our job!

  1. Thou shall clear pathways.

This will make it safe for your moving guys to load up your belongings and decreases the risk of any boxes being tripped over. This, also, makes it easier and safer for you to maneuver around the chaos in the midst of packing.

  1. Thou shall not pack on moving day.

Think of moving day as a day to sit back, relax, and let the Home Team do all the work. It will allow for a swift loading of the trucks by your hired movers and be a lot less stressful for you as well.

  1. Thou shall hire The Home Team.

Don’t try to do the move yourself. We’ve got the experience and muscle power to do it for you.

For more tips and tricks to make your packing experience less stressful, check out this article.

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