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How do I know if I need more time?

If you are loading or unloading but not both, the average move time is 2-3 hours. If you will need the guys to do both, you may need at least 3-4 hours of time. If you have steps, elevators or a long drive between 2 or more locations, you will definitely want to purchase more time.

If needed, can I purchase more time the day of my appointment?

If crew is available, you may purchase additional hours at $40/per hour per guy.

Will the guys pick up and/or drive the truck?

The Home Team is a labor only moving company. This means we do not drive, pick up or reserve trucks.

Why is there a 60 minute window for arrival?

Our guys may be on a job prior to yours that goes over. As stated our mission is to make every customer happy, so we attempt to help all customers complete their job. This sometimes causes our movers to arrive after your scheduled time. Also if there is unforseen construction or traffic it allows us a little wiggle room. We appreciate your patience and look forward to serving you!

What is the 6 digit payment code and where do I find it?

The 6 digit payment code is given to all MOVING HELP customers. If you scheduled directly through our website, or customer service line this does not apply to you. If you placed your order through Moving Help, you should have received a 6 digit payment code from noreply@uhaul.com. Please locate and provide this payment code as soon as possible.

What is the policy on rescheduling?

You may reschedule your appointment at anytime, however:

  • We cannot guarantee time or date if you reschedule within 3 days of your appointment
  • There is a $50 rescheduling fee for all appointments rescheduled within 36 hours of original appointment.
What is the policy on cancelling?

You may cancel your appointment at anytime, however:

  • Appointments cancelled within 36 hours of scheduled service will be charged 50% of original appointment price.
Is The Home Team insured?

The Home Team carries General Liability Insurance. This covers items and areas as our guys load or unload them into your container. Since we are a labor only company, The Home Team does not carry cargo insurance and cannot be held liable for any damages done to items once placed in container. For additional protection feel free to contact your Home Owner or Rental Insurance provider to review their options.

What if an item/area gets damaged?

In the unfortunate event that an item is damaged our process is simple:

  1. Submit a damage report
  2. Provide proof of value
  3. We will send you a reimbursment check for estimated damage/value.

If value cannot be determined, all claims are subject to the state minimum requirement of .60 cents to the lb.


  • How do we load/unload video
  • How should your home look on moving day video
  • Plus many more moving tips!


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