So you’re moving off-campus. First, congratulations. You’ve crossed a threshold to next-level independence, and that’s worth celebrating. But before you throw that RA free party– let’s get your new space personalized with some budget respecting upgrades your new rental deserves! 

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1. Plants. Incorporating plants into your space will automatically make it more welcoming. There are several houseplants; like, pothos, spider plants, and even aloe, that are super low maintenance and notoriously hard to kill! The Lovely Root is a legit online plant purveyor, offering categories ranging from pet-friendly to “easy-going.” If you can’t be bothered caring for the real thing, fake plants are cool and require only an occasional dusting. 

2. Fabrics. Curtains and rugs add undeniable coziness, and are the easiest way to add colors and patterns when you can’t add paint! Curtains are functional, can be very stylish and inexpensive. You can find a serious inventory of curtains, rods, and cool tie-backs at Bed Bath and Beyond. And check out for the hallway runner and area rug that will take your apartment from bare to there.

3. Mirrors. Because they’re sexy and useful. A large, framed mirror above the sofa has maintained its class and style for decades, and will instantly make a small space appear larger. Mirrors are also awesome artwork. Staggered frames, different shapes, weathered-looking or shiny and new, and mirrors around your new spot will ramp up the almost-grown-up vibes. A great place to find unique, cheap mirrors is your local thrift store!  

4. Lighting. Lighting will set your space off. A floor lamp in a corner, a table lamp next to the sofa– lighting can serve as an accent piece and with a dimmer, will be a whole mood! The best place to find college-friendly prices on a great selection of lighting is Ikea. If you’re lucky enough to have a location near you, check it out. They have everything lit up and thoughtfully displayed. All you have to do is pick and go.   

5. Wall Art. Want to appear sophisticated and stylish beyond your years? Hang stuff on the walls. Posters, framed prints, or those quality canvas paintings from places like Home Goods are inexpensive and lovely. Mixtiles are another great way to give your new space personalized energy, and Etsy has an entire college apartment decor option with over two thousand reasonably priced items.  

With just a small budget, you can turn your off-campus home into a comfortable, well-appointed pad in no time, and if you need help moving all your new things into your place, give us a call for our $50 student special!

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