Listen – we all need friends. They build us up and make our surroundings feel like home. Tennessee Williams said, “Life is partly what we make it, and partly what is made by the friends we choose.”

After making Columbus your home, staring at the inside of your apartment is going to get old, fast. There are only so many seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix to binge-watch, and then you have to get out there and choose some companions.

But where and how? Do not worry. Not only can we move you in to your apartment or home, but we can also suggest some places to look for the BFF’s you never knew you had.

Columbus is the place for friends

Breathe in deep and rest assured you are in the right spot. In 2016, ranked Columbus #8 in the country for the best city to make friends. This third-largest city in the Midwest offers newcomers a variety of places to find friends. Websites, like New Neighbors League, are made specifically for this purpose.

Cbusr hosts a platform for Columbus newcomers to find others wanting to find friends in real life. You can view the interests of others, connect via the website, and locate local social events. Since everyone is there to meet new friends, it makes the “hey, wanna get some coffee and become bffly’s” a little less awkward. 

If group settings are a little more your jam, head over to to check out specific interest-focused clubs. For example, are you a movie buff? Sweet! Columbus Movie Group is for you. Is the great outdoors calling your name? Join Columbus Adventure to find some thrill-seekers after your own heart.

Let your interests guide you to friends in Columbus

Is it easier to feign interest in a subject you know nothing about or one you already have developed a genuine passion? When you find groups surrounding your current interests, friendships form naturally.

Columbus hosts a variety of groups. Perhaps the most accessible place to start is the library. With numerous social groups, as well as activities, you can sign up for something that you legitimately want to learn about and meet others as a bonus.

The Columbus Parks and Rec Department also supplies a variety of programming for the community.  From sports to senior activities, biking to geocaching, and everything in between, the parks provide a range of opportunity to meet others and often at an affordable price.

Volunteering in Columbus

Perhaps one of the most satisfying group-hangouts is when you know the end result is someone else’s life is better because of the time you spent. If this is where you feel you meet the best people, then Columbus Gives Back is the place for you. The group has activities most days of the week and even takes time to pick a Volunteer of the Month for recognition.

With Columbus being so large, there are endless opportunities to volunteer. If you are interested in something specific, research a little to find an organization. There is likely to be a match to line up with your skills.

Sports and recreation in Columbus

After getting unpacked and settled, finding a workout group to fit your interests connects you to new friends. Think back on your high school years. Wasn’t it nice to know you had an immediate group of friends in your sports team? The same concept applies.

With the sensation that has become Crossfit, it is easy to find a location anywhere in Columbus. Crossfit gyms, known for welcoming newcomers and encouraging participation, are one squat away from a friendship.

If Crossfit doesn’t interest you, YMCAs, gyms, yoga studios, and dance classes are found throughout Columbus. With a variety of brick and mortar options to workout, you are bound to discover a class with a regular following. By continuing to show up, you bridge connections with the regulars until one day you are welcoming the newbie member to the class.

If Mother Nature is calling to you, Outdoor Pursuits hosts bike rides and events consistently. The club has backpacking, paddling and biking options. Aside from the physical activity, they further give members opportunities for education, including CPR and Kayak lessons.

Finally, the Columbus Ski Club is a little something from everyone. Yes, there is the self-evident skiing side of it, but even if you are not a skier, you can join for the social activities. For sports, they offer bowling, billiards, tennis, golf, soccer, softball, volleyball, and skiing. There is something for anyone here.

Miscellaneous groups in Columbus

It is impossible to name every single group there is for you to join, but we wanted to give you a few more alternatives. GETDOT is a networking group for professionals to meet up with other like-minded business people. Their Facebook page shows active group outings with people from all backgrounds and ages.

If you are wanting a more relaxed group, Columbus has a decent Pokemon Go following. The group PoGoCo is active with players meeting up with others. Nerd Night Columbus is a game-focused option gathering at Ruby Tuesdays (dive bar) and playing a variety of games during their Monday night meetings.

If you are a pet fan, consider taking Fido to Schiller Park, Goodale Park or Big Walnut to join other dog-lovers. There are even groups for campers, art lovers, and of course, you have your classic bar-scene.

Find your tribe in Columbus

With so many opportunities for finding “your people,” Columbus is an excellent place to surround yourself with people who get you. 

Let our movers get you unpacked and join some groups. Paraphrasing Will Rogers, strangers are just friends we haven’t met yet. 

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