Exploring Pittsburgh’s East End Neighborhoods

In a previous article, we introduced you to some of Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods, leaving out the East End until today. So grab your skinny vanilla latte, pre-arrange your movers and sip away while you determine if Pittsburgh’s East End has what it takes to become your new home.

Central Lawrenceville

Central Lawrenceville is the perfect place for hipsters or those who take pride in their funky vibe. Considered the Brooklyn of Pittsburgh, Central Lawrenceville has everything from bike shops to zombie themed stores bouncing back to a spot for tea. With its trendy feel and eclectic mix, this neighborhood is becoming quite the hot spot.

Home sales average about $154k, with the medium income hitting about $34.7k. What was once an industrial neighborhood has transformed into a spot for creativity, and uniqueness with a focus on art while sporting quite the nightlife. There are loads of cute brunch spots and shopping.

As for local digs, Church Brew Works is the oldest brewery. Being a historic church helps to draw in huge crowds, not to mention a variety of menus helps fit all walks of life. 

Row House Cinema draws locals and travelers alike for its unique take on a movie theater. Playing a preselected movie, and not necessarily a current attraction, the cinema offers over 900 selections of beer that can be chilled and brought into the theater, as well as family activities such as Kids Fest.

Arsenal Bowling Lanes is not  your uncle’s old-timey trophy league. Self described as where nightclub meets bowling, they host events like dollar drink nights, karaoke, college nights, Top Shelf Saturday and more.

If the nightlife is not for you, no frets, Central Lawrenceville still has you covered. With Allegheny Cemetery, you can find over 300 acres and 15 miles of road to explore the trees and history of the cemetery. Both known and unknown deceased found their final resting place here. The cemetery offers a guide of “interesting places” to start your exploration. 

Not so much a cemetary fan? You can stick to a more traditional history venue and check out the Senator John Heinz Pittsburgh History Center featuring 7 story museum with rotating exhibits.

Lower Lawrenceville

Young professionals, singles and students make up Lower Lawrenceville. Like Lawrenceville, the feel of the area is trendy and unique wrapped up with a mix of history. The neighborhood is 73% safer than other neighborhoods with median incomes of $38.7k and average houses selling at $131.4k. The options for rent, row-houses and housing run lower than nearby Shadyside or Squirrel Hill.

Being near Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh yields a quick commute for students. After college, UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh provides a variety of jobs for the residents of Lower Lawrenceville. Conveniently, as the neighborhood is notably chic, you can stop by Make+Maker to find ethically-made clothing to wear to school or work.

It’s worthwhile to note all your working and studying may give you a strong yearning for some espresso. Not to fear, Espresso a Mano is here! As shown in flowery latte images on their Instagram page, the espresso shop is not afraid to blend art with coffee.

Smoke Barbecue Taqueria offers a selection for lunch, dinner or little ones. With pulled pork, burnt ends, jalapeno apple slaw and more, you are sure to find a memorable culinary experience. But if you are looking for more, check out Taste of Lawrenceville where you can experience a variety of offerings.

Squirrel Hill North

With classic dining options and commuter friendly options, Squirrel Hill is a prime spot for retirees. The median income is much higher than some of the other East End neighborhoods, landing at $91.4k with average home sales prices climbing to $294k and is known as being a safe neighborhood.

Sandwiched between Frick Park and Schenley Park, this picturesque neighborhood provides many options to connect to nature. If you chose Squirrel Hill for you destination-to-be, definitely consider movers to save your legs transporting your goods up and down those hills so you can instead utilize them for the hiking trails found in the parks.

Manor Theater holds the title of Pittsburgh’s oldest movie theater. With its upgraded seats and projectors, you can make a night out while enjoying a beer, wine or cocktail with the show. With numerous places to grab a bite to eat or experience ethnic foods, Squirrel Hill is a place to relax and enjoy the slower pace of life.

Swisshelm Park

Singles, young professionals and families are perfect for Swisshelm Park. With median home prices falling around $131.8k and average household income hitting around $79.3k, Swisshelm is definitely for your more established households. 

No need to fret living in this neighborhood. Swisshelm Park is safer than 97% of Pittsburgh’s cities. The lushious yards and typical two story and ranch style homes fit perfectly with the idea of family life. A quick drive and you are on I-376 so while you are not in the city, you are close enough to be able to easily experience what it has to offer.

Stanton Heights

Like Swisshelm Park, Stanton Heights is perfect for singles, young professionals and families. The median home price is $114.3k and average household income in $54.9k. Being by Lawrenceville, the residents get to experience all the flair but come home to a quieter area. Like most areas in Pittsburgh, Stanton Heights homes have their fair share of hills so consider reaching out for a helping hand when moving into your home.

Stanton Heights is only a 10 minute commute to downtown and is 95% safer than most cities in Pittsburgh. Many of the homes found here are two story colonials with a yard to enjoy and a garage to protect your car from the harsh winters. Neighbors are friendly, diverse and welcoming hosting neighborhood happy hours for fun.

With festivals display local eateries, music and art as well as local prizes like The Butterwood Bake Consortium, B52 Cafe and Hop Farm Brewing Company, it is easy to see why Stanton Height calls to so many to make it their home.


Bloomfield’s population is mostly graduate students. With Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh only 1.5 miles away, this area is definitely urban. Working class people and college students make up the dynamic of Bloomfield. Median home sales prices mark just barely above Swisshelm Park at $140k.

“Pittsburgh’s Little Italy” neighborhood nods to its historic Italian roots with markets, bakeries, and restaurants. Yet, Thai and Vietamese can also be found here. Local authors delight in a niche for their work, as well as second hand clothes discover new life at Liberty Avenue. Tessaro’s offers burgers and Burgh Bits & Bites Food Tour uses Bloomfield to showcase its goodies.

The neighborhood hosts annual parades for Columbus Day and Halloween. Little Italy Days is reserved for August. Daily music and celebration play year round at Brillobox or Howlers Coyote Cafe.

So check out the East End…and movers

You have so much to explore! Finding movers shouldn’t have to be what is keeping you back. 

Head over to The Home Team to discover how we can help you navigate moving in the hills, snow or whatever conditions your dream home brings. 

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