The Home Team is a labor-only moving company, so we ask that you provide the moving truck. This will save you money as you only pay for the size truck you need. But how much is enough? Follow our guidelines below to find out


Cargo Van

If you’re moving a dorm or just one bedroom, a trailer or cargo van us ideal. A dorm or single bedroom consists of anywhere from 0-3 pieces of furniture; this includes a desk, bed frame, mattress, or chair. A small cargo van is ideal for a relatively small move. (Imagine the size of one of those psychedelic vans from the ’70s.)

10-Foot Truck

The next size up is a 10-foot truck. Perfect for a studio or bachelor apartment. A 10-foot truck usually includes one room and sometimes a small kitchen or dining room. Think about 3-6 pieces of furniture like a bed frame, mattress, and sofa along with about ten boxes.

15-Foot Truck

If you have a one-bedroom apartment, a 15-foot truck might be ideal for you. This size truck will allow you to move all things in a full bedroom, including bed, bed frame, dresser, a full dining room set, and an entire living room set, including a couch, table, and side tables.

17-Foot Truck

A 17-foot truck can fit a full one-bedroom apartment with basement or garage storage as well. The 17-foot could also be ideal for a one-bedroom with an office space. Keep in mind this is two rooms with minimal furniture; think 10-15 pieces of furniture.

20-Foot Truck

20-foot trucks are suitable for a small townhome or single ranch home with a modest amount of furniture. If you have a garage, consider attaching a small trailer to the back of your rental truck in order to save space and prevent the rest of your furniture and belongings from getting dirty. This short trailer can attach to the back of any truck or car.

26-Foot Truck

For moving an average-sized 3-or-4 bedroom suburban home, one should look into renting a 26-foot truck. A 26-foot truck would also leave enough space to pack up a medium-sized garage and basement. If you have more than 20 pieces of furniture, this size truck would be ideal for you.

Moving is all about organization and preparation. At the Home Team, we try to make it simple by providing quick, flexible, and easy access to movers at an affordable rate, so that you can just focus on the packing. Let us help, and use code: TRUCK15 to receive 15% off!

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