Summer is approaching. Those long eight months are finally over. The kids are coming home for the summer! So, it is time to drive down the U-Haul once again. Moving into the dorm was a blast! The school had a street team and RAs to create a seamless experience. You and your student were excited about the new sheets, comforter, and college essentials you snagged from Target, and your college student was full of eagerness. Fast forward to the spring semester, not so exciting.

This move is different. The dorm is filled with dust bunnies, the comforter has Cheeto stains, dirty laundry has piled up, and there’s some strange smell that you can’t quite put your finger on. Your kid has been living in organized chaos for the past month, trying to prepare for finals week. So now it is your job to save the day once again with a full proof plan of action. 

3 College Moving Hacks

1. Divide and Conquer 

Before move out day, ask your student to divide their things up into three piles:

1. Items they will need over the summer

2. Items for fall or winter

3. Things they no longer need (trash, giveaways)

If they separate their belongings into these piles before you arrive, the entire move will go a whole lot smoother. U-Haul can easily store the items for summer, and the first month is free! 

Donate the giveaway items to Goodwill or The Salvation Army and avoid hauling them back to campus in the fall.

2. Pack like a Pro

Only pack what is needed to take home for the. Label boxes according to the season, so be sure to bring a large marker to write on the boxes. Speaking of boxes! If you purchase boxes from U-Haul, they have a 100% Buyback Guarantee so you can prevent waste at the source. Or you can always head over to IKEA or the Container Store to buy inexpensive plastic bins.

Boxes and bins are a great option, but not the only option. For clothing items that should be hung up, use a white tall kitchen trash bag. Put the clothes in the bags already hung up like the photo shows below for easy transportation. 

3. Skip Move Out Day Altogether and Go to Lunch

Who wants to spend the day moving out when you can have lunch at Chipotle?

Research on-campus or local storage options before you plan the big move. Moving is expensive, time-consuming, and in 3 months, you will have to do it all over again. 

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful and sweaty this spring. Call The Home Team to learn about our Express service that offers you a personal crew of movers to get your stuff from the dorm to the car! 

Let us do the heavy lifting, and you go enjoy time with your student before they are home for the summer and ditch you for their high school friends. 😕😂

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