You are an independent person. You are a DIYer. You know what you want, and you go after it. Because you prepare for life’s changes, research is your middle name.

And that’s precisely why you are here. It is time to move all on your own, and you need some tips to make this go down as easy as a White Claw Raspberry Hard Seltzer. 

We got you. Below are tips to make moving alone a do-able task.

Create a timeline

Create a checklist solidifies you know what is coming down the pipeline. Last thing you need is to be scrambling to call U-Haul only to find out all the trucks are booked already. 

Pack early and consider renting a storage unit for excess items. Sometimes just moving it from your view helps you feel mentally centered.

Plan to move alone

Consider what you actually want and need to bring with you, versus what you own. The more you bring, the more you must pack. While overpacking is necessary for a girls’ weekend to Cabo, not the case when moving across the country.

In the words of Beyonce, “everything you own in a box to the left.” You are likely going to need way more boxes than anticipated. For your convenience, we calculated how many boxes to buy depending on your living situation. 

Pro-tip: do not overpack a box. No box should weigh more than 65 lbs, despite the size of the box.

Finally, here comes the dreaded b-word: budget. Evaluate what you can move and what needs the professionals. Anything substantial should be left to movers who know where to place buffers, so your Pier 1 sofa doesn’t take out the door on the way in. The money you budget to hire movers is saved in not replacing ruined items. 

Pro-tip: don’t attempt to move anything taller or wider than you alone.

Moving alone – the actual move

The day of the move, recruit your besties to give a hand. Hey, what are friends for, right? 

Past this, make sure you have furniture sliders, a utility dolly and potentially a furniture dolly. If you are hiring a moving company, they will bring much of this with them. Screwdrivers, tape, rope, bungee cords and anything else you can think is helpful for securing items and saving unnecessary trips to Home Depot.

Seeing as Mother Nature has a mind of her own these days, consider rain could be in the forecast. Anything can happen, including tire blowouts, delays, and traffic. Make sure you leave your cell phone charger out, so you have a full battery for whatever comes your way.

Driving options

Depending on how far you are moving, you need to plan multiple trips, rent a UHaul, or hire movers to drive your belongings. If you have an open bed truck, take the time to secure all items, so there is no risk of damage during transport, not to mention an unintended fine. 

It helps to plan your route ahead of time, as well as alternatives in case of traffic or road closures. Options for driving include, but not limited to:

  • Trailer
  • U-Haul moving truck
  • Car or pick-up truck
  • Ship via U-Box Containers
  • Cargo vans

Pro-tip: do not place anything larger than the truck bed on the pick-up truck.

Moving into your new home… alone

You’ve arrived in one piece! Yippee. Pull up iTunes and blast your jam. That deserves a momentary celebration before the last step – unloading and unpacking.

Consider again, movers. Anything that was heavy to pack will be heavy to unload from the truck… and you will be exhausted to boot. Let the professionals take care of this step.

Before you unpack all your belongings, clean up. If a professional cleaning company is in the budget, let them take care of every nook and cranny, but at least do it yourself. Not everyone is as clean as you. 

The boxes can wait. Explore your new neighborhood and say hello to the people next door. After all, you will be seeing a lot of them and first impressions matter. This can also help combat the wave of nostalgia that is bound to find its way to your heart. 

Take breaks when you need them. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and there is not a race to who can unpack the quickest. Find your own rhythm.

Let us help you

You do not have to go about this alone. We are here to help you load and unload all your belongings. Contact The Home Team today for an estimate on how to get you from point A to point B without the headache.

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