Moving is always an exciting time. Cleaning your home or apartment? Not so much! While we may all hate cleaning, it’s an important part of the moving process. Cleaning when you move out of your current place and when you get into a new home makes the entire process far less stressful. Deep cleaning keeps your old place in great shape and sets the right tone for your new home!

If you live in an apartment, a thorough, deep clean before you move out can help you minimize any charges for damages or other issues with the apartment. A high-quality cleaning before you move out can mean keeping hundreds of dollars more of your security deposit, which you can then use to upgrade your new place, help with moving expenses, and so much more!

If you own your home and you’re moving to a new place, a deep clean can also improve your sale potential, improve your inspection report, and keep your hectic move organized. A top to bottom clean before you list your home makes your home more attractive, which can translate into higher offers from potential buyers!

A thorough clean is much more than a lazy Sunday afternoon clean. We’re talking hardcore cleaning that tackles every nook and cranny of your home. To help you tackle your next deep-clean, here are some practical tips for cleaning your home (and when you should get some cleaning help in Pittsburgh!) Use promo: CLEAN20 to receive 20% your upcoming move!  

Moving Out

Before you even start packing, you should focus on cleaning your entire home or apartment. We always recommend starting from the top down. If you have multiple floors, start on the top floor and work your way down. In the rooms themselves, you should also work from the ceiling to the floor. Any dust that falls to the floor from the top of the room is cleaned up when you finish cleaning the floors!

You should clean your windows with a high-quality streak-free cleaner, wipe down all of your walls, trim, and baseboards, and apply a floor cleaner to hardwood floors to take care of scuffs. You may also want to get a hardwood floor pen to mask small scratches and dings.

There are plenty of areas in your home that just never get cleaned. Even if you’re an extremely thorough cleaner, there are some areas that often get missed. Window blinds, behind appliances, and behind toilets are some of the most commonly missed places, so make sure you’re getting to every corner of your home!

Moving In

When you’re moving into a new house or apartment, you may not make deep-cleaning your space at the top of your priority list. You have no idea how well the previous owner cleaned prior to moving out, so better safe than sorry when moving in! 

It’s always best to start with the bathrooms. Sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and showers can be some of the dirtiest places in a home, so focus on those areas first. Get a high-quality rust and lime remover, some disinfectant cleaners, and plenty of gloves and rags to get started. Foam cleaners work well and allow you to move on to other areas of the bathroom while they get to work on tough stains and buildup.

After you’ve tackled the bathroom, you should move on to the kitchen to deep-clean your kitchen appliances. Another hot spot for germs is the refrigerator – fortunately, you can clean a refrigerator top to bottom in about 30 minutes. For sticky spots, a strong sponge and hot soapy water will do the trick!

Cleaning Companies to Help Get the Job Done

Sometimes there are cleaning jobs that are just too big to handle alone. The great news is that there are quite a few cleaning companies in Pittsburgh that can tackle virtually any job! As a trusted moving partner in Pittsburgh, we’re here to help you find some reputable cleaning companies in your area to help with your next move.

Groovy Maid

A family-owned cleaning company in Pittsburgh, Groovy Maid, is also a green-focused cleaning company that can help with any sized cleaning project. They provide both residential and commercial cleaning services that are 100% green.

They make it extremely easy to book their cleaning services. You can call or book online, and they’ll schedule a thorough cleaning that fits your schedule. They’re quick and efficient as well, giving you plenty of time to focus on the rest of your move!


MaidPro is one of the largest residential cleaning services in the Pittsburgh area, meaning you’ll always get reliable, high-quality, and affordable cleaning services for your next move in Pittsburgh. With an impressive 49-point checklist with the commitment to tailoring your service to fit your needs, they’re just what you need for your next cleaning job!

Dissatisfied with your cleaning service? Just let them know within 24 hours, and they’ll come back to fix it – now that’s worry-free service! 

Once your place is all sparkling clean give your neighborhood pros a call! Use promo: CLEAN20 to receive 20% your upcoming move!  

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