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Environmental stress changes how you feel about moving and since we want you to feel positive about your switcharoo from country to city life, we have created a list of factors to consider before moving. 

Take note of the pace of a city

“Green Acres is the place to be. Farm living is the life for me…” When you come from a place of having time to “stop and smell the roses”, a crowded sidewalk may not cross your mind as not being the ideal place to discuss the weather. City life is fast and niceties often fall by the wayside in the chaotic pace. 

Do you have a personal bubble? Be prepared for it to be popped. It is expected to be bumped into while walking or standing in an elevator. Watch your belongings, keeping them close to you and not readily available for pickpockets.

Find an outlet for stress

woman covering face due to being stressed

You’re going to be stressed. Period. To start, there is culture and social adjustments, work changes, new navigation, and simply not being in sync with the rhythm of the city. Add to this unfamiliar everything, homesickness, and bouts of doubt. Friend, an outlet will be needed.

Take inventory of what you do for a release. Do you work out? Sing? Write? Create art? Explore nature? Meditate? Use this very self-exploration to seek the same type of outlet in your new city. Perhaps there is a yoga or art studio nearby. Sign up for classes right away. Not only will you start to network, but you will find a sense of peace and home.

Networking is still the name of the game

In small towns, most everyone knows each other. Not true for large cities. Networking is the name of the game when it comes to relocation.

Perhaps your Aunt Sarah knows your cousin Jimmy’s best friend lives in your new city. Perfect. Reach out to him on Instagram and let him know you are in town. See if he has time to grab a coffee to chat and seek out suggestions of good places to meet others.

Sure it is awkward but less awkward traveling home for the holidays and explaining why you have not left your apartment. #familyreunion #hermit #helpme #groceryshoppingcountsasgettingout

Be prepared for lifestyle changes

While near impossible to list every lifestyle change, there are some basics that are vastly different than your country lifestyle.

Grocery Shopping

With more people, longer lines, and less patience be prepared for this staple. First, imagine walking up four flights with your arms carrying grocery bags filled to the brim. Probably not going to happen.

Handles matter on your bags. Reusable bags are less likely to tear. Weekdays or late nights are less crowded so do your best to avoid the Sunday night rush.

grocery bags hanging on bike arms while cycling through city traffic


Ten miles in the country takes about ten minutes.  In the city, that same trip is upwards an hour plus. Explore different ways to get around. Driving laws vary so check with your city on any particulars. Bikers, taxis, and crosswalks can throw new city-drivers not accustomed to their presence.

Plus side: you are going to kill it on your Fitbit step competition. Walking and biking quickly become a part of city life. You will become accustomed to this quickly, both decreasing your stress and waistline.


It’s likely you don’t have to pay for parking in the country. With city dwelling, paying for parking is expecting. Whether it is paying for a meter, parking pass or garage, city parking comes with a cost. Some jobs even supply a stipend for parking.

Parking rules can change depending on the street, so don’t assume because one street has an open parking time frame, they all will. Not all lots are public parking either, so just because it says parking, does not mean it is open for general use.

Eating out

When you’re hangry, a wait for a table feels multiplied. In the city, you can never assume you can simply enter a restaurant, sit down, and eat. Friday and Saturday night you can guarantee a decent wait. Develop a habit of calling a restaurant and asking for a reservation.

People watching a festival


You know what is pretty awesome about the city? Variety. There are choices available to you in terms of entertainment, restaurants, and things to do. Deliveries are made quickly. Reputable hospitals and clinics are nearby. Your options are endless, which albeit can be overwhelming, also means you can find almost anything you are looking for.

Rest assured you can find what you need to feel at home. There is always an event taking place, a group forming, a restaurant to be tried. If you don’t like the first choice, just look for the next. Explore – you will be challenged and equally delighted.


Whether it be your religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or simply you are a huge Avengers fan, the city has your crowd. If you are uncomfortable with people pushing the envelope, be prepared to grow in this area. Bigotry isn’t as much of a thing in big cities where the blend of all walks of life shine. You get to be exactly the beautiful person you are. 

Go easy on yourself

“Cultural shock” is a thing. Moving is stressful. Compound these with an entirely new way of life and you are guaranteed to be overwhelmed.

When you expect this, it becomes easier to allow it to pass through you. Many city dwellers see this as a rite of passage. Look for new places to find your own unique place in the pulse of your new home.

As you prepare for this new lifestyle, allow us to take care of the logistics so you can focus on your life past moving. Head over to The HomeTeam for a free estimate on packing and moving to the city! 

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