Cincinnati, nicknamed The Queen’s City, is gorgeous in the fall. The trees turn to a warm-auburn portrait, and the smells of pumpkin fill the air. With the summer’s humidity past us, you picked a perfect time to move to Cincinnati. 

Waste no time exploring the city’s goodies. Our professionals can handle the pesky details of unpacking your moving truck and boxes so you can enjoy the city. If you have yet to pick out a neighborhood, check out this handy guide created by the residents of Porkopolis, herself. 

Where are Cincinnati’s best views for fall foliage

After the hustle of packing, driving, moving, and unpacking, who wouldn’t want to unwind to the sound of crunching leaves and slight breezes? Cincinnati offers several spots to witness the beauty of the city’s landscapes.

Ault Park provides not just a picturesque view of the trees but also of the downtown scene. With classes, picnic tables, geology, and playgrounds, as well as walking trails, the park offers a little of everything.

If you brought your bike or roller blades, the Loveland Bike Trail is worth a trip to the east side. Trail-goers travel through different cities, experiencing the path and delights in the suburban cities. Feel free to take a break and grab a drink at the Little Miami Brewery when you reach Milford, eat a bite at Paxton’s in Loveland and break for dessert at Whit’s Frozen Custard in Lebanon.

Finally, a drive to Springgrove Cemetery will find a landscape that is anything but creepy. With winding roads and a dedication to maintaining the beauty of the land, the cemetery is a peaceful place to visit, Family nights, tours, runs and more take place at this Cincinnati landmark.

Trees are great, but where is Cincinnati’s place to eat?

If you need to move around, take a drive to Findlay Market. Built on land donated by General Findlay and his wife, Findlay Market has a deep connection with numerous other areas of Cincinnati. With a plethora of vendors, pick pretty much any food you are yearning.

A crowded market may be more than your nerves can take. We get that. If that’s the case, try one of many Cincinnati staples.

Skyline Chili serves up the famous 3-way loaded with noodles, chili and a mound of cheese. While you can order a variety of other options including 4-ways, 5-ways, cheese coneys with onion and mustard, burritos, and fries, do try the 3-way. If your taste buds are hesitant on the first try, give it a-go a few more times. It is bound to grow on you.

Having a sweet tooth attack? No worries – Graeters is the place to go. With Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip, Chunky Chunky Hippo, Buckeye Blitz Chocolate Chip and a slew of limited-edition flavors, the ice cream parlor satisfies your craving. 

So, how about the things to do in Cincinnati?

We get it. Scenery and food are lovely, but you are itching to move, walk around, explore. No worries. Cincinnati has something for everyone.

Thrill-seekers can check out a handful of amusement parks. Kings Island, the Beach Waterpark, and Coney Island all offer their unique take on adventure. If roller coasters, thrills, and rides are your cup-of-tea, head to Kings Island, or KI as the locals call it. This amusement park holds the title of the largest in the midwest, hosting rides, carnival games, a water park, and a kids-area.  

While it may be the off-season for The Beach, you can purchase summer passes for this waterpark. Keep those passes in a safe spot as winter is around the bend and the slides turn into hills to sled down. 

Coney Island is your classic fair-type rides mixed with the largest recirculating swimming pool in the world. Once an apple orchard, this venue not only treats with rides and swimming but also holds concerts on two stages right next door. 

But Cincinnati has more than just amusement parks. Home to the Cincinnati Museum Center, The Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Ballet, Cincinnati Opera, Music Hall, Taft Theatre, Contemporary Arts Center, Freedom Center, Cincinnati Fire Museum, and more – there is plenty of history, arts and culture to absorb in this city.

Would you preferably watch sports? Cincinnati cheers on The Cincinnati Bengals football, Cincinnati Reds baseball, FC Cincinnati soccer and the Cyclones hockey. With themed nights, giveaways and deals, the games are a staple to many natives and newcomers to Cincinnati. With tours and the option of visiting the Reds Hall-of-Fame, you can do more than just root-root-root for the home team.

Welcome to Cincinnati!

Now that you have found yourself in the “City of Seven Hills,” go explore and let us handle the unpacking. Our professionals will safely unload your belongings even if you decided to plant roots on the steep streets of Mt. Adams.  

Contact us today so we can handle all the moving details, while you check out the views, food, and things to do in Cincinnati.

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