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Imagine yourself with a 30-lb box in your hands, sun blazing. Sweat cements your shirt and ponytail to your back, as you attempt to make your way to a moving van. Sounds amazing, right? Yet, that is the reality for many. Summer is when 70% of all moves take place. With the intensity of the heat mixed with competition for movers, be prepared with a few tips.

Plan to move

High school economics taught you if demand is high and supply is short, companies raise their prices. Since summer is the season to move, you want to plan to save money.

Plan your move on a weekday. Avoid Memorial/Labor Day and weekends. The start and end of the month are the busiest and therefore, most expensive. Book about 6 – 8 weeks in advance of your move.

Hold a yard sale before packing to get rid of any unnecessary items. Pack up as much as you can ahead of time so the movers aren’t waiting on you. Ensure all your items are ready so there is little time wasted. A moving checklist helps ensure nothing is overlooked.

Get started early

truck being packed early in the morning

By the time moving day comes, you’re likely exhausted. Grab some coffee, a Monster or 5-Hour Energy and get going! The heat of the day slows moving down, as well as morphs concerns of heat exhaustion and melting goods into reality. Avoid this by getting started as early in the day and not during the peak hours of 11am-3pm.

If you have to be in the sun, make sure to wear a quality sunscreen that can survive the sweat. SPF 30 or higher applied 15 minutes before going outside helps protect you from the sun’s powerful rays.

Some movers book multiple people on one day. Call far in advance to be the first one on the schedule that day. 

Wear the right clothing

We all love flip flops but pack those suckers up and break out your running shoes. There is no reason to slip when trying to navigate steps, boxes, and impaired sight from carrying all your belongings.

Look for lightweight, loose-fitting fabrics. Light-colored cotton or linen are breathable materials designed to keep you cool. Avoid polyester, rayon and dark clothing, as they will absorb the sun and cause you to become warmer.

Don’t forget sunglasses and a hat. UV rays are strong even on a cloudy day. If you are taking measures to protect your favorite leather, do the same with unprotected eyes.

Heat exhaustion

Even if you are an Ironman athlete, heat exhaustion is a concern for anyone on hot days. A few considerations will help prevent the heat from overpowering your moving day.

Bring portable fans that operate on a battery. Not only is this beneficial when you are moving, but also when you arrive and find your electricity is not yet turned on. Cold towels are perfect for cooling the body quickly when overheated. Make sure to drink enough water that dehydration does not set in.

At a bare minimum, know the signs of heat exhaustion and buddy up. Make sure your moving buddy knows what to look for in you and vice versa. If you or your buddy start to experience any of these signs, get out of the heat and cool your body before starting again. Seek medical help if you are unable to control the symptoms.

Turn on utilities before the move

After sweltering in the sun, you will be thankful you turned on the AC before arriving at your new home. The same goes with water for both drinking and showering. Make sure to pre-arrange with your utility company to have everything running before you arrive.

Personal belongings and heat

woman standing in the heat, looking at her phone

Before you moved, you picked out your favorite scents from The Candle Lab and packed them all carefully. Great going…except certain items and heat do not mix. Candles, for example, are going to turn to goo. Perishable food is better consumed or given away pre-move. A packing party is a great way to use up the rest of your food.

Electronics need special consideration when packing. Any small electronics such as stereos, laptops, tablets ought to go in the car with you versus the oven of a moving truck. If you kept the boxes, use those to pack the device. CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray disks should be kept in their plastic cases and take a moment to back up any disks of importance. If at all possible, keep these in the safety of your car, also.


We live in the age of scammers. Since the summer months are in demand for movers, scammers take advantage of last-minute movers. Research companies and have clear cut contracts signed by both parties and don’t sign if it is blank. Be wary of any company requiring a high deposit or is low on their estimate.

If you need help with moving or are ready for an estimate, head over to The HomeTeam for a free estimate on packing and moving this summer!

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