Whatever the reason, it is time to pack up and move. Everywhere you look, expenses linger. Adding up are a new home, inspections, deposits, furniture, and the little unexpected surprises…I’m looking at you hidden wine stain from 5 years ago.

With numerous unavoidable costs, budgeting your move helps you feel less a spendthrift and panicky about so much output of dollars. Check out our quick tips to help you move on a budget.

In the words of Elsa, “Let it Go”

Do you need it? Does it still bring you happiness? Does it have sentimental value?

If you answered no to these, then file 13 that sucker. But before you pitch it, determine if you know anyone who needs it or decide if it is donatable. Better yet, hold a yard sale or exchange with a consignment shop for some moola on your goods. After all, one man’s trash…

Get creative with packing

First, scrounge around your office building for mailing boxes, paper boxes, or basically any box they’d otherwise throw away. Beg your friends and family to gather boxes from their Amazon Prime deliveries for you. 

Look for packing possibilities. Do you have pots, pans, bowls, or Tupperware? Use these items to pack smaller items inside. Want to make sure your glass candle holder isn’t sliding around? No worries – stick it in your stockpot mummified by a t-shirt. Consider packing in luggage or dresser drawers for safety, also.

Use magazines, junk mail, extra toilet paper rolls, plastic grocery bags, newspaper or even socks for packing materials. Make sure any color-sensitive materials are not wrapped with paper print due to the potential of transferring ink to your items. 

Aim for the off-season

Just like you snatch that cute Target sweater for $4 in the off-season versus $40, the same concept applies to moving. Avoid the months of the summer and aim for November to New Years, instead. These months moving companies are slow on business and likely will have a deal to drive up business.

There is good reason people aren’t thrilled to move in the snowy, unpredictable winter. Don’t despair – you don’t have to do this all on your own. Hire movers to save both on moving and also to circumvent packing and unpacking through the gross, abominable snowman-ish conditions.

If you can’t make the winter savings, don’t worry. Anytime October to April saves you dough. Mid-month moves also score you some savings, as most people aim to move the start or end of a month. Finally, strive for mid-week if at all possible, as the weekends book up with weekday workers.

Plan ahead for additional savings

By looking to the future, you can manipulate specific savings. For example, call friends to set up packing parties or help with moving boxes. The same goes for friends or family in the town to which you are moving.

If you are showing your house or able to stay with friends while you pack your place, do that versus renting long-term motels. Perhaps you can even score the basement of the family to hold your boxes versus renting a storage unit.

If you know roughly when you are moving, you can be wise about setting up utilities. Do you need cable first thing when you get there or can you live off Netflix for several months to catch up? What about wifi? Is it necessary for your job, or can you manage with coffee shop wifi and libraries? Find alternatives to cut corners so you can relax a bit on your budget for your move.

Contact Home Team Today!

When trying to budget, hiring movers may not seem to be the highest on your list. However, when you consider the cost you are asking your body to endure, the stress of arranging and potentially moving in less than ideal weather and the risk of damaging your furniture, there is no question. 
Let our professionals help move you out of and into your new home. Contact Home Team for a quote today.

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