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Let’s be real – moving is stressful. What should feel like a new beginning instead is engulfing you with anxiety. This is normal as changing environments measures up as one of the higher stressors in life.

Start earlier than you think

Preparation goes a long way to decreasing your stress. A good rule of thumb is to take the amount of time you think you will need to pack and double it. For a large move, give yourself at least 8 weeks.

Look at your budget and start saving. Gather estimates on the cost to hire movers both for packing and moving. Get quotes on boxes and packing supplies. Post on social media to beg and plead ask friends to set aside boxes for you to use.

If money is a factor, brainstorm what can be skipped. Have a moving party. Order pizza, buy a few cases of White Claw and gather friends to help pack. Set aside a cooler of snacks for moving day to skip on eating fast food. If you have friends in the area you are moving, reach out to borrow garage space instead of renting a storage unit.

Plan out how long you will spend on each room/task and have a “completed by” date. Having this timeline makes you pick up the phone and call when you’d rather watch Netflix. Likewise, it also gives you a sense of accomplishment as you check off each item.

Remember you are human. That being the case, you will likely forget something. Create a moving checklist now to help from forgetting an item while packing. As you see steps being completed, your move morphs from an unending to-do list to a place you feel success.

Say yes to help

friends gathered in an empty setting, chatting before one friend moves

None of us want to feel like we are imposing on our friends…but now is not the time to be prideful. When up against time constraints and budgeting, accept the help. Not only will it take some stress off you, but it allows you to spend quality time with loved ones before moving.

If you are concerned with the mental impact of your move on yourself and loved ones, call friends up, meet for coffee and chat. Help isn’t always in the physical realm – mental health help is often just as necessary.

If you need pets and kids occupied to pack, see if any friends can let your furry or non-furry family stay with them for the day so you can focus in and pack. Ask. Let me repeat that for those of you skimming this: Ask-For-Help. 

Trust there will be a day for you to pay it forward to someone else.

Leave one area unpacked

When your home view matches your mind, stress is bound to follow. Moving can make you feel in a state of chaos. Perhaps popping a vinyl on the record player while you read your Nook is your nightly routine. Be steadfast on keeping this routine as it maintains your sense of normalcy and consistency.

Combat the feeling of disarray by keeping one room as a safe haven. Leave this room as the last to pack. Keep items for self-care or meditation in it, as well as any other items that help you unwind. 

Exercise and self-care

Let’s be real for a second. Doesn’t it seem like when you are stressed, your exercise and diet routines are the first to fall to shambles? Yet, self-care is important to maintain especially during stressful moments. 

Expect you will be a wee-bit crabby. Irritability is common with stress and uncertainty. Be compassionate with yourself. Plan time to take care of yourself and allow moments of distance from the stress of moving.

Although packing can be a workout, set aside time for mindful exercise. Go for walks or run a bike trail. Attend a yoga class. Get your endorphins flowing through your body so you are ready to tackle the next box.

Make time for goodbyes

friends looking out saying "peace" to their old town

This is the worst part. Goodbyes are hard, heart-wrenching and obviously a cause for stress. It isn’t just the lifestyle or the people you are saying goodbye to. It is also your home and your community.

Acknowledge what you will miss and say goodbye. Meet up with loved ones and plan for times to see each other again. Put it on the calendar! Take pictures of your favorites spots as you walk through your home and town.

Knowing this timeframe has passed is bittersweet and natural to feel grief during the goodbye. Plan ways to remember or bring a part of the home with you helps. Perhaps some flowers can be transported or a souvenir from your town can find its way to your new yard. Bridging your past with your present helps the transition feel less stressful.

Hire Movers

Why overwhelm yourself trying to accomplish it all solo? Hire movers to load and unload helps not only your physical requirements but mentally, allows you to save the energy for everything else ahead of you.

As you focus on keeping your sanity during your move, let us take care of the logistics of packing and moving you. Head over to The HomeTeam for a free estimate on packing and moving to your new home.

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