Planning a summer move?! We’ve got some tips we know will help you pull it off like a pro. But before we even get into the summer-specific stuff– for any move we recommend creating a “moving” file or folder on Google Drive to store quotes, receipts, and records related to your move, because the key to all successful moves– is organization! Even if you aren’t a list maker, you should know that coordinating your move efficiently will require a significant amount of preliminary research. Followed by scheduling around labor and equipment– so throwing together a moving doc is a fast and easy way to reference all of your moving day information! 

Summer Move 101

Book your movers in advance. Like pretty far in advance. Summer is the most popular moving season, and the best moving companies get booked up fast– so hurry! 

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Have an epic yard sale. Summer is yard sale season, and the best time to rehome the stuff you won’t be bringing to the new spot. Make sure you do this at least a week prior to loading day because there will inevitably be leftover junk; you’ll have to box up and drop off for donation. A yard sale will help you purge, plus you can make some extra cash for the road– and what’s not great about that?!

Don’t bake your belongings! If you’re planning a long-distance move, there’s a strong possibility that the truck will sit in the hot summer sun for extended periods. This will prove disastrous for items like sensitive electronics, artwork, and things like candles and hydrogenated oils that can easily melt. Protect your heat-sensitive belongings by carrying them with you in your personal vehicle.  

Stay cool. First, make sure to cool down the house before the movers arrive. They will be in and out of the house for as long as it takes to empty it, so giving them some AC relief each time they enter the house, is a cool gesture! The same goes for hydration. Keep plenty of water available for everyone to stay healthy and working. No one wants to deal with heatstroke on moving day.  

Plan for or around traffic. When possible, avoid weekends or popular vacation times. For example, the end of August is a traffic nightmare, so go ahead and skip it. If you can’t, leave super early to avoid getting stuck in vacation traffic during peak traffic times!

Don’t complicate packing. When planning for a move there are a ton of free resources to help you prepare. Check out a few packing online to start. Then visit your local U-Haul for free boxes. Be sure to label your moving boxes by using different colored stickers/tape for each room. Make your life easier by packing with the though of unpacking in mind. (You will thank us later!)

By integrating our tips into your plans, you’ll avoid your summer move becoming a hot mess! And once you’re done give us a call to tie up any loose ends! Use promo code: CHECKLIST20 to receive $20 off your booking.

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